Welcome to our class website!

This is a way for us to interact, connect and stay up to date on all things reunion as well as after the event. The plan is to be able to have a place to post photos and create a photo gallery.

We’ll keep this site up at least until our 70th birthday party get together and maybe keep funding it long afterwards. We had a great reunion page for our class when we had the 50th reunion of all the OPRF grade schools. There were so many class photos but we let it go and now have to attempt to revive as much as possible. So funding this for years to come may be the answer.

What you’ll find on this site: 1) event information 2) who’s attending 3) who is not attending but ordered a booklet 4) who’s missing that we’ve not tracked down yet 5) sadly, a “Gone But Not Forgotten” page 6) a list of those who served in the military and who served in war zones like Vietnam 7) a list of committee members and volunteers who have worked hard to make this event happen ? a list of donors who have helped support the event as well as helping to bring other classmates to the event.

We’ll have a bit of the history of the school and a bit of history of 1968 which was called “The year that shaped a generation” and “The year that changed the world”. It was a pivotal time in history in which we lived.

Thanks to all for your interest in making this a special 50th for us all!

Kathy Sullivan, Committee Chairwoman


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