Classmate Authors

Classmate Authors


These are the known authors, so we apologize if we have missed anyone


Susan (Barrie) Jaeger Ph.D. – Barrie S Jaeger authored the book Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person

Richard Mirabile Ph.D. – Rick had published extensively and wrote Career Decisions Strategies for Enrichment

Michael Proko – Written over 20 books, including Rising From The Ashes: A Golfer’s Tale About Starting Over, Life in America and the children’s series Pendleton The Penguin

Dan Schwartz – Published The Future of Finance: How Private Equity and Venture Capital Will Shape the Global Economy

Laurel (Stern) Nicholson – Her latest book is The Half-Deads: The Journey of Jon Clay. Also wrote Magick trilogy books and several fantasy books and game modules

Gordon O Spark – Recently published his first book Manufacturosaurus Near Extinction

Floyd Sullivan – Wrote Waiting for the CUBS: The 2008 Season, the Hundred-Year Slump and One Fan’s Lifelong Vigil and Called Out:  A Novel of Base Ball and America in 1908

Joel Kanter – Authored a biography Face to Face with Children: The Life and Work of Clare Winnicott

Charles Grippo – Entertainment attorney, playwright, producer, author of Business and Legal Forms for Theater (2nd Ed.)

Geoffrey Walker – Has written two books inspired by his life in Borneo The Bomah’s Apprentice and Blood Reunion (The Bomah’s Apprentice #2)

Ruth Rootberg – Published two books of interviews with senior Alexander Technique teachers:  Living the Alexander Technique and Living the Alexander Technique II

Joan Sourapas – published articles in the Journal of the American Health Information Management Association (1983-84) and Topics in Healthcare Financing (1985).

J.R. (Janet) Brandstrader – Published in Barron’s, WSJ, New York Times, Scientific American, MarketWatch, Penta, and several other publications 

Joni Suarez – under the pseudonym of Evelyn Twelfe, has a children’s book in need of a publisher, “Kitties In My Brain.” Phone # 847-888-4393.